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Construction Management and Monitoring

Construction Monitoring

Construction monitoring is an accurate and positive way of checking the quality, accuracy and progress of a construction project. Our specialist teams will oversee all aspects of construction identified by your engineering phase and provide reports, updates and advice to give you complete project control.

Areas to monitor include:

  • the construction environment
  • quality control
  • timeliness and meeting targets
  • negotiations, suppliers and supplier performance
  • health & safety
  • costings
  • materials
  • conformance with plans and specifications

Construction Management

Our Construction Management services include procuring the work with multiple prime contractors, coordination scheduling, Construction Administration, and Construction Monitoring services. We prefer to be the primary designer, which allows for us to have a higher level of control over design, quality, and sustainable construction. RSB’s Construction Management services include developing a detailed budget, critical path method (CPM) schedule, cost engineering, conducting and attending meetings, sequencing contractors and outside consultants, and processing progress payments.