An environmental safety training course being taught by an environmental consultant

Stay in Compliance With Environmental Safety Training Courses

Facility managers are focused on boosting productivity. Optimizing productivity is important, but it should never be a site’s sole priority. Compliance and safety are equally important. That is why it’s a good idea to provide your staff with environmental safety training courses.

Training plans are vital to workplace safety. These programs can reduce your impact on natural resources. Environmental Compliance Training can also help your company reduce civil liability and avoid costly fines.

Who Needs Environmental Safety Training Courses?

Most courses are made for anyone who deals with Environmental aspects. Compliance staff also need these courses. As you know, these teams are tasked with workplace safety. However, other staff must receive safety training. These training programs should cover topics like:

  • Hazardous waste handling
  • Waste disposal
  • Responding to workplace injuries
  • Injury reporting
  • Environmental concerns

These courses will help staff safely handle hazardous waste. They reduce the risk of injury to staff and others. This education can also help protect natural resources from damage.

Top Environmental Safety Training Courses

There are many safety training courses. Some of these courses are offered by OSHA. Many courses are also available from OSHA-approved training providers.

A few of the most vital courses include the following:

Certified Environmental Specialist

The Certified Environmental Specialist course provides attendees with detailed information regarding EPA regulations. It is a great resource for compliance personnel. This course provides tips for implementing compliance strategies.

Spill Prevention Planning

Spill prevention planning is required for certain companies. The initial training course outlines how to create a spill prevention plan. It also explains what spill controls must be in place.

Is your business required to have spill prevention planning? If so, you must provide staff with annual refresher training as well. This training ensures that staff knows the prevention measures in place. The course helps improve compliance with these measures.


The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) is a must-know law. An RCRA course outlines a company’s responsibilities under this act. It covers topics like hazardous waste management plans. Safe disposal procedures are also taught.

How Often Is Environmental Safety Training Required?

Many safety courses must be provided to staff annually. Others are required every three years or five years.

For example, RCRA training is required annually. Any employee who manages hazardous waste must receive this training. Any staff members that handle hazardous waste are also required to attend. An RCRA course must be part of your training program.

Is your facility required to have a stormwater pollution prevention plan? If it is, you will need to provide annual training on this topic. The course should cover key safety concerns. It should also outline incident response tactics.

Conversely, you only have to provide risk management plan training every three years. You are also required to update your site’s plan every three years.

You must be familiar with all training interval guidelines. Failing to provide training in time can result in fines. It can also expose your staff to safety hazards.

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