Covid 19 Cleaning Services



RSB Environmental has Certified Industrial Hygienists on staff to assist clients in getting a site-specific cleaning protocol in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio in the event of a site’s exposure to COVID-19. Protect your site and your employees with RSB Environmental’s help. Get COVID-19 commercial disinfection and a  COVID-19 PPE and Disinfection Hazard Assessment. With talk of businesses being allowed to re-open on the horizon, effective responses to COVID-19 will go a long way towards preventing this crisis from hurting your business. RSB Environmental’s COVID-19 Task Force will help you mitigate risk and get back to business.

If your facility has been affected by or exposed to COVID-19, RSB Environmental has the tools, the staff, and the training to get things back in motion, so you don’t suffer more than the bare minimal interruption to operations. Allow RSB Environmental’s highly trained Response Task Force get you moving forward again. With COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection ServicesCOVID-19 Safe Work Practices, and COVID-19 Cleaning Verification Services using real-time ATP Surface Samples, your facility will be ready to work, and work safe.

Infectious disease transmission is a risk in any facility. RSB Environmental can help minimize or eliminate that risk to protect your facilities and your workforce in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. Health and safety should be everyone’s top concern right now. Please don’t take the risk of not having a plan in place to handle COVID-19 exposure. COVID-19 Facility Access and Screening, and COVID-19 Safe Work Practices will minimize the risk of an exposure occurring in the first place. COVID-19 Review of Client and Contractor Protocols is a further step towards that goal. Let RSB Environmental set up your COVID-19 Disinfection Plan in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, so that you, your facility, and your workforce are all protected.

With local schools, businesses, apartment buildings, and government entities being threatened by the virus and closing down to prevent the spread in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, it is more critical than ever to take measures to ensure public health and safety. If you are sick, or think you may have been exposed to someone who is, please stay home for 14 days. This quarantine period will cut down the spread of the Coronavirus. When and where it is possible, practice social distancing to reduce exposures. Cleaning your environment with antimicrobial solutions registered with the EPA will also help contain the spread. Travel should be limited to the bare essentials, and stay in compliance with the orders issued by public health authorities.

We are deemed an essential business for a reason! Call us for all of your COVID-19 industrial, commercial, government and school concerns. We can help!

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