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Waste Management

Hazardous and Industrial Waste Management/Permitting

wasteHazardous waste generation is an inherent part of most industrial and manufacturing businesses. Waste minimization via employee training, material substitutions, recycling, improved management practices, and other best management practices (BMPs) is a vital part of successfully managing waste and liability.

RSB Environmental can assist clients with:

  • Waste Storage and Management
  • Storage Area Design
  • Proper waste classification
  • Sampling
  • Identification
  • Manifesting
  • Shipment for disposal
  • Waste Permit Application
  • Waste Management Permit
  • Hazardous Waste Management

RSB Environmental can also identify opportunities to improve the management of industrial and hazardous waste and thus minimize costs and reduce liability.


  • Waste Generation Studies
  • Waste Characterization Studies
  • Waste Management Plans and Reports
  • Program Design, Implementation & Monitoring
  • Grant Writing
  • Ordinance Preparation & Implementation
  • Business Waste Assessments & Technical Assistance
  • Rate Studies
  • Collection Service & Facility
  • Development Procurements
  • Privatization Studies
  • Hauler Audits
  • CD Debris Disposal
  • Economic Analyses and Modeling
  • Rate Studies
  • Solid Waste Collection Services
  • Solid Waste Feasibility Studies
  • Solid Waste Planning
  • Sustainability Services
  • Environmental Policy Development LEED® Certification
  • Waste Characterization
  • Waste Conversion Assessments
  • Zero Waste Plans

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