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Phase III ESA/Remediation

Voluntary Cleanup Program VCP Houston Texas Brownfields Assessment and Remediation – Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) 

Brownfields are environmentally impaired and typically abandoned and unutilized property usually found in urban areas. Historically, these properties have been overlooked due to the liability associated with them. However, with technological advances, risk-based closure strategies, and the location of many properties, redevelopment is becoming a viable option.

Additionally, redevelopment of Brownfields is encouraged by federal, state, and local governments through tax incentive and grants. Most states have Voluntary Cleanup or Voluntary Action Programs (VCPs/VAPs) available. These programs, which typically involve risk-based closures, expedite remediation and closure of Brownfield properties. We serve our clients with these programs in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and throughout Texas.

Risk-based closures evaluate the types and levels of contaminants in the soil and groundwater with respect to the designated future use of the property. The remedial action plan must reduce the contaminant levels below the designated cleanup levels in order to obtain closure from the regulatory agency. Typically indemnification for the property owner and all subsequent property owners is included as part of the closure.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Historical operations frequently result in the contamination of soil and/or groundwater. When this occurs, remediation of the impacted media is often required based on acceptable regulatory levels of the contaminants of concern. Selection and implementation of an appropriate remedial system is based on a variety of criteria which include: risk-based closures, bioremediation, the location, the extent and degree of contamination, the types of contaminants involved, the type(s) of soils that have been impacted, the depth to groundwater, and the type and location of potential receptors. Remedial alternatives can range from simple in-situ bioremediation to complex groundwater pump and treatment systems. Selection and implementation of the appropriate remedial system is imperative not only from a cost to implement standpoint but also from a potential liability perspective as well. RSB professionals have designed, installed, and operated a variety of remedial systems which include: bioremediation, soil vapor extraction, stabilization and solidification, groundwater recovery, and air stripping systems.

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