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Noise Monitoring

Noise ControlNoise Assessment & Control

RSB Environmental industrial hygiene staff performs comprehensive occupational noise surveys for exposure limits, as well as ACGIH TLVs and other exposure guidelines. These surveys include area noise measurements, personal noise dosimetry, noise contour mapping, and source characterization. Using octave band analysis, RSB Environmental can record source characterization measurements to aide in identifying methods for noise control. Based on the information gathered during the noise surveys, RSB Environmental industrial hygienists design and implement effective hearing conservation programs to ensure regulatory compliance and minimize worker exposures to occupational noise.

Hearing Conservation Program

The primary elements of a comprehensive hearing conservations program include:

  • Noise monitoring
  • Noise control (engineering & administrative)
  • Audiometric testing
  • Hearing protection
  • Training
  • Recordkeeping

RSB Environmental also performs area noise monitoring surveys in non-industrial settings for comparison to community standards and local ordinances. These surveys generally include characterizing the noise along the perimeter of the property and at potential receptor sites. We can assist you in the development of a Hearing Conservation Program (HCP) in accordance with OSHA’s Occupational Noise Exposure Standard (29CFR 1910.95).

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