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How is your company doing at balancing your environmental compliance responsibilities and your environmental management spending?

  • If you don’t address at least your minimum compliance issues, you face civil and criminal penalties, angry employees and bad press; but,
  • If you go overboard with high-dollar consultants and huge capital expenditures, you take away the company’s profits and upset upper management and/or investors.

RSB Environmental is comprised of experienced professionals that have run their own businesses, both in the environmental field and outside of it.  Our staff and principals have backgrounds in multiple aspects of the industry, from waste management and Title V air regulations to storm water and waste water treatment operations.  We know what it costs to achieve and maintain compliance with ever-changing regulations.

We also know that our clients have varying perspectives and concerns on what it takes to be “environmentally conscious.”  RSB works with Fortune 500 firms in the highly-visible waste disposal industry, where even a relatively minor oversight will bring neighbors, activist groups and the media to their doorstep.  Our services and documentation have withstood regulatory scrutiny, protecting these clients from fines, penalties and adverse publicity.

Other RSB clients are at the opposite extreme, where environmental compliance is far down the list of their concerns.  They may not be in a highly visible industry, but they still have to play by the same rules as the Fortune 500 companies.  They don’t have the resources to have a full time environmental professional on staff, so they delegate environmental responsibilities to the facility’s maintenance director, human resources manager or shift supervisor.  With RSB’s help, they are able to meet their environmental obligations with a professional project manager at a fraction of the cost of hiring and training another employee.

With RSB, you can receive experienced, professional environmental expertise to manage your air, water and waste issues at very reasonable cost starting at $1,500/month.  In fact, we often identify cost-saving options to current programs that more than pay for our services.

Typical Industry Challenges:

  • Limited budget and/or lack of experience to ensure that all required compliance tasks.
  • Increasing and uncertain cost of consultants.

To assist you in taking that first step toward a system and obtaining that level of compliance comfort, RSB Environmental has developed a new concept in environmental health and safety consulting services (CHESS PROGRAM). Fixed fee no long term contract monthly environmental support!

Benefits of CHESS- Fixed Fees Monthly Environmental Program!

Cost reductions occur through proactive compliance with relevant health, safety and environmental regulations that can improve your lost incident rate, reduce accidents and let you plan for environmental issues.

  • Fixed fees
  • Turnkey services-sampling, reporting, audits
  • No long-term contract
  • No surprises
  • No need of full-time Env Personnel


  • In order to provide a personal connection and continual service, every CHESS client will to be served by a core staff of individuals.
  • The Account Manager is a senior personnel, highly knowledgeable and will provide managerial support, as well as being the point-of-contact for the client.

The Technical Personnel will be performing the site visits, execute compliance tasks, and follow the direction of the Account Manager.

Selected services cooperatively established to meet your specific needs, address your problem areas and respond to your “hot buttons”.

  • An initial compliance audit to verify status against regulations.
  • A customized schedule with tasks to be performed during each visit.
  • A dedicated RSB Environmental Consultant at the facility.
  • Unlimited phone consultation.
  • Onsite presence during EPA, OSHA, State of City audits or inspection.
  • Annual staff training.
  • Assist with Environmental, Safety products, Plans and Permits.
  • Maintain, Monitor and Report required by all Regulations.

Contant RSB Environmental for more information! 1-800-304-6517

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