Phase 1 environmental site assessment in Houston, Texas

Access a Timely Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment in Houston

Does the fate of your commercial real estate transaction hinge on your ability to access a timely Phase 1 environmental site assessment in Houston? If so, RSB Environmental is the only firm you should contact to schedule a Phase 1 ESA.


We understand that timing is critical for loan officers and lenders involved in commercial real estate deals because you only have a limited amount of time to perform due diligence.


If your due diligence report doesn’t come in until the last minute, your client has less time to decide how to move forward. They’ll be forced to choose one of two options: ask for an extension or make a rushed decision. Both choices can create tension during a deal and put your client in a tight spot. We can help alleviate the stress involved with tight timelines.

How We Support Commercial Real Estate Lenders

The good news is that RSB Environmental can generate your Phase 1 ESA report quickly. We can typically complete an ESA and produce the accompanying report in 7-10 business days. Local clients in Houston may even get their reports back in only 3-5 business days.

Our rapid turnaround times give your client ample opportunity to weigh their options. For example, the Phase 1 ESA could reveal that there are Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) present on the property. The findings would prompt the need for a Phase 2 ESA.

Fortunately, we can schedule and complete the next assessment just as quickly to help your client better understand whether to proceed with the transaction. Our prompt service ensures that your client has all the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Find out more about what makes us the ESA leader in Houston.

How Does RSB Provide Such Fast Turnaround Times?

If you’ve previously dealt with other ESA firms, you know that most of them offer a 14-day turnaround time. How is it that RSB Environmental is so much faster than the competition?

The answer is simple: we have a proven system in place. Our team is ready to spring into action as soon as we receive your project.

  • We will begin reviewing the current property data.
  • We will look for historical documents about the past use of the property.
  • We will book a site inspection with the current owner.
  • We will start putting together the report using our optimized template process.

We operate a well-oiled machine for Phase 1 ESAs. Our immediate responsiveness ensures we can move fast and compile your report in a timely manner.

While clients love our fast turnaround times, they also appreciate that our services don’t include any hidden costs.

During your consultation, we’ll provide a flat-fee quote for your Phase 1 ESA covering all services related to the assessment. The quote we provide is exactly the cost of a Phase 1 ESA report.

Our transparent process helps you keep your clients happy. They’ll be thrilled that you recommended a timely, honest, and responsive firm like RSB Environmental to oversee their due diligence.

How Soon Will You Be Notified About the Findings in a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Houston?

During the initial Phase 1 ESA consultation, we’ll provide you with an estimated turnaround time. If you need an expedited Phase 1 environmental site assessment in Houston, let our team know when you request a quote. We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule and provide a condensed report delivery timetable.

While creating your report will take several business days, you won’t have to wait that long to learn what we discovered during the ESA. If there are any issues with the property, you’ll be notified the same day, giving you extra time to schedule a Phase 2 ESA or take other actions.

Stop wasting your due diligence window by working with inefficient firms. Partner with RSB Environmental and take advantage of our fast turnaround times and extensive experience. Contact us today to book your assessment.