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Go Local! Find Environmental Consulting Firms Near Me

Is your company looking to acquire a new property? We recommend going local for an environmental site assessment of the property. The challenge is trying to determine which of the environmental consulting firms near you that you should choose for the project.

In order to help settle your dilemma, we have created this brief guide to help you make an informed decision. Below, we highlight why taking a local approach is the best move when it comes to environmental compliance. We also recap who needs these services and when so that you can protect your investment.

Who Needs Environmental Consulting Services?

Before you start searching for consulting firms, you should ask yourself, “do I even need compliance services?” The answer is likely “yes,” but let’s explore this a little further.

So when should you actually hire an environmental consultant? There are many scenarios where hiring such a firm is a smart move. Specifically, you need a consulting firm when you are:

  • Buying commercial real estate
  • Renovating old structures
  • Demolishing aging buildings
  • Investing in a business venture that involves potentially harmful substances

Basically, you should speak with a representative whenever you buy or alter commercial property.

Why Go Local?

Now for the important question: why go local? Here are a few great reasons:

1. Local Firms Understand Local Laws

When the topic of environmental compliance comes up, most people think of federal laws created by the EPA. These laws are certainly important. But, there are many more laws that you need to be aware of at the local level.

Each state has its own set of environmental laws as well. These laws usually overlap federal laws. However, there are some distinctions that you must be aware of.

You also need a firm that understands local laws. An out-of-state company might not be familiar with all of these laws. While a great firm will certainly be able to learn on the fly, this can cause delays for your project and drive up costs. That is why choosing a local firm is always the better move.

2. Going Local Is More Cost-Effective

Speaking of costs, going local is more budget-friendly. Many factors impact the costs of site assessments and other compliance services. Some examples include land size and usage history. Another factor is location.

If you hire an out-of-state firm, their consultants will have to travel to your land. This requirement means spending hours in a car or booking plane tickets. These travel expenses will be passed on to you.

A local firm will still have to travel to your property. However, they will not have nearly as far to drive. This minimal travel distance will lead to lower assessment costs.

3. Local Firms Respond Faster

Finally, local firms can respond faster. Response speed is important when you are attempting to get a time-sensitive deal done.

Local firms not only provide services sooner, but they can also offer better customer service. Arranging in-person meetings is quite difficult when using out-of-state firms. This coordination can become a major headache if you need to book follow-up services.

On the other hand, local firms can easily meet with you and your team to present findings or discuss additional services. If you are looking for prompt, friendly service, then go local.

Get Started with an ESA

Looking for a local partner to handle your ESA needs? Our experienced team is capable of providing a wide range of environmental consulting services. We are a true full-service firm with project offices located across the U.S.

We offer Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 site assessments. We also provide general consulting, asbestos surveys, and more. No matter what type of environmental services you need, RSB Environmental is up to the task.

You can order services through our website or you can always give us a call to request a quote over the phone. We’re here to help protect your interests as you look to acquire new property.