Environmental consultants from a phase 1 environmental site assessment company near me

How Can I Find Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Companies Near Me?

Are you a loan officer who requires environmental consulting services? Need to schedule a Phase 1 environmental site assessment to support your due diligence requirements?

If this sounds familiar, you need to partner with a reputable environmental consulting firm. Finding a great partner can be more challenging than you might expect. It is not as easy as just looking for Phase 1 environmental site assessment companies near you. It’s important to vet potential partners to find the right choice for your needs.

To help your search, we have listed some key tips for choosing a firm. You can use this information to find the right firm for your due diligence needs.

When to Use a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Firm

You should use a Phase 1 ESA firm anytime you are involved in a commercial real estate transaction. Phase 1 ESAs provide property buyers and lenders with liability protection.

Phase 1 ESAs should be used when determining whether to support financing for developed or undeveloped land. Undeveloped land is less likely to be contaminated. However, it is important to make sure.

These ESAs may reveal the presence of recognized environmental conditions (RECs). If RECs are found, then additional due diligence will be required. That’s why you should work with a company that offers more than just Phase 1 ESAs as part of their due diligence services, such as RSB Environmental.

How to Choose an Environmental Consulting Firm

Performing a basic search will provide you with plenty of results. These results should primarily include firms near you. However, not all firms listed in the results will be the right partner. If you choose the wrong firm, you may waste hundreds or thousands of dollars and lose critical time. The firm might miss things during the inspection, exposing you to major liability.

When selecting a firm, we suggest that you use the following tips:

Confirm They Serve Your Area

Before you waste time vetting a firm, verify that they serve your area. Some firms only serve specific regions or states. Others offer national due diligence services. Make sure you find a firm that can support your exact geographic needs.

Find Out If They Have Experience in Your U.S. State

Larger environmental firms might offer services nationwide. However, they may have never performed a Phase 1 ESA in the state where you do business.

Most environmental liabilities involve federal regulations, but individual states have their own sets of laws. That is why you must choose a firm that knows your state’s unique laws to provide your financial institution with complete support for a commercial real estate transaction.

Determine What Services They Offer

Just about every due diligence firm offers Phase 1 ESA services. But what if you need additional due diligence support? Will that firm be able to assist with those needs?

The most efficient way to find out is to review a firm’s “services” page. Many firms will have multiple service subsection pages. Find the page that mentions due diligence, as it should include the information you are searching for.

Phase 1 ESAs are the cornerstone of environmental due diligence. However, you will need other services if the Phase 1 ESA reveals the presence of RECs. Examples of additional services you might need include Phase 2 ESAs and site remediation.

Verify that They Follow ASTM Standards

ASTM International has established strict standards for materials handling and testing. Adherence to these standards is not mandatory. However, the best firms adhere to ASTM standards when performing site assessments.

If you want to ensure the quality of a site assessment, only partner with firms that follow ASTM standards.

Read Reviews

Lastly, we suggest that you read reviews about firms in your area. If a firm has a good reputation, then this is a good indicator that they perform high-quality work. You should also speak to your peers in the financial industry to determine whether they can provide any feedback about firms in your area.

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