Two business professionals agreeing on a Phase 1 environmental site assessment in Texas

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment in Texas: We Act Fast

Do you need a Phase 1 environmental site assessment in Texas? Suppose you are facing a short deadline and need to work with an environmental site assessment firm that can act fast without compromising quality. In that case, you need to partner with RSB Environmental.

Our local team understands the importance of an ESA in a commercial real estate deal. That’s why we conduct thorough assessments of property and offer lightning-fast turnarounds. More importantly, we understand the challenges involved with conducting ESAs in Texas.

For example, many properties in the Lone Star State have been used as oil and gas facilities or are in proximity to this type of facility. So, it would be best if you worked with a team with the right experience to identify recognized environmental conditions (RECs) associated with these facilities. Learn why RSB Environmental is that team.

How Fast Can RSB Environmental Complete an ESA?

When you get a piece of commercial real estate under contract, you usually have 30 days to perform due diligence, including site inspections and ESAs.

Other firms can take as long as 14 days to return your site assessment report, even if you book your ESA on Day 1. Such a long turnaround can be a big problem for your buyer, especially if the Phase 1 ESA reveals the presence of RECs.

In these instances, you would also need to conduct a Phase II ESA, which could take a normal firm an additional 10-14 business days. Working with such little leeway gives your buyers no time to digest the results of the reports.

Unlike other firms, our standard turnaround time for a Phase I ESA is just 10 business days, though we can accommodate requests to turn around an ESA report within 7, 5 and 3 business days. Thanks to our local presence, we can complete ESAs far more quickly than the industry norm when assessing sites in Texas.

Our fast response time will provide your clients with plenty of time to manage their next steps in the transaction:

  • Salvage the deal.
  • Support renegotiations.
  • Make other things happen for your buyer.

What Makes RSB Environmental Unique Compared to Other ESA Firms?

At RSB Environmental, we are always honest and transparent with clients. Our ESA proposals include zero hidden costs, helping you and your buyers know precisely what you will pay for our services.

Additionally, we respond quickly to all quote requests. Once you choose us for the ESA project, we will immediately reach out to your site rep to book the inspection. Throughout the entire process, we will work tirelessly to ensure that the inspection is smooth and efficient.

Clients who work with our team appreciate our strong communication skills keeping you and other stakeholders in the loop about our findings. We take ownership of each project we are entrusted with and focus on producing results for our clients.

We Help Loan Officers Protect Their Deals: Here’s How

At RSB Environmental, our team members use a wealth of experience to help you protect your deals. After we complete your ESA, we promptly prepare a detailed report. Our report will meet the requirements of any lender or loan officer, including unique deals.

When composing your report, we ensure that all key information is summarized in the first five pages. These pages will outline the main issues that exist or declare the site clean.

While the report will include all you need to protect your deal, we do much more than just provide you with a copy of the ESA findings. We will also book a phone call to review the findings of your report. During the phone consultation, we can address any concerns you may have and discuss our findings in greater detail.

If you need to schedule a Phase 1 environmental site assessment in Texas, contact RSB Environmental for a free quote. We look forward to protecting your interests in a commercial real estate deal.