Phase II Environmental Site Assessment


RSB Environmental performs Phase II Environmental Testing in Newmarket, either in support of a financing decision or to meet the requirements of the Local and State Agencies. Most of our reports are performed to meet the standards set by ASTM E1903-19. RSB Environmental staff are experienced with attributes particular to Texas, including oil gas wells and state Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) regulations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the specific requirements in Newmarket.

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RSB has conducted Due Diligence projects nationwide. Locally RSB has completed numerous projects in Newmarket 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A Phase II ESA is typically triggered by the findings of a Phase I ESA, which might identify potential or existing environmental contamination issues on a property. In Newmarket, common reasons for conducting a Phase II ESA include property transactions, financing decisions, regulatory compliance, or redevelopment activities.

    In Newmarket, Phase II ESA reports should adhere to local, provincial, and federal regulations and guidelines. Additionally, industry standards like ASTM E1903-19 may be followed for consistency and best practices.

    The contaminants investigated during a Phase II ESA in Newmarket depend on the property’s history and the potential sources of contamination identified during the Phase I ESA. Common contaminants of concern include petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and chlorinated solvents.

    The time required to complete a Phase II ESA report in Newmarket depends on the size and complexity of the site, the extent of sampling required, and the laboratory analysis turnaround time. On average, a Phase II ESA can take three to fours weeks to complete, from the initial site investigation to the final report preparation.

    If a Phase II ESA report in Newmarket identifies contamination on a property, remediation or risk management options will be recommended based on the extent and concentration of the contaminants, as well as the applicable regulations and guidelines. The property owner or responsible party may need to work with environmental consultants and regulatory agencies to address the contamination and mitigate potential risks to human health and the environment.