Environmental Services in San Antonio, Texas

RSB Environmental has a long standing presence in San Antonio, Texas. The RSB Environmental San Antonio office can provide Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Environmental testing, Property Condition Assessments, and Asbestos Surveys in support of commercial real estate transactions.

San Antonio Texas USA

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

RSB Environment is a nation-wide leader in Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. Most of our reports are done to meet the standards of ASTM E1527-21. RSB Environmental can customize the reports to meet individual client or agency requirements while still taking the unique geology and topography of Texas into consideration.

Property Condition Assessments

In addition to providing Phase I ESAs, RSB Environmental also handles Property Condition Assessments and Commercial Building Inspections for a wide variety of clients; including, CMBS lenders, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac lenders, and equity clients. And most reports are performed to meet the strict standards set within ASTM E2018-08 guidelines.

Phase II Environmental Testing

RSB Environmental performs Phase II Environmental Testing either in support of a financing decision or to meet the requirements of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Most reports are performed to meet the standards set by ASTM E1903-11. RSB Environmental San Antonio staff are experienced with features unique to Texas including oil gas wells and state Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) regulations.

Asbestos Survey

While conducting a Phase I ESA, RSB Environmental offers the added visual evaluation of accessible areas for the presence of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). Should it become evident in that evaluation that Asbestos Containing Materials may be present, RSB Environmental can perform sampling and testing to determine if Asbestos Containing Material is in fact present.

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