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What is a SWPP and who needs one?

Stormwater Compliance Houston M 1

Houston Stormwater Compliance – What is an SWPPP?

SWPPP is Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. What is required for a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for construction activities can vary depending on the location. From one state to another the difference in requirements are not usually major differences. Stormwater compliance for construction activities must meet minimum requirements as stated by the federal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).

A SWPPP is required for projects that will disturb at least one acre of soil in many states. The Construction General Permit (CGP) will authorize discharge of stormwater.

The SWPPP should be certified by a SWPPP developer who has extensive stormwater certification training.

To be sure your business meets SWPPP requirements in Houston and beyond, it is best to contact stormwater management contractors, stormwater management companies or stormwater services such as RSB Environmental. Stormwater compliance fines in Houston and beyond can be costly to construction projects. You’ll see why as we get to stormwater quality permits.

Stormwater compliance – SWPPP for Houston, Simple Summary

A SWPPP is more than just sediment and erosion control. It is a comprehensive outline of construction site activities on how the construction site operator will comply with the Clean Water Act, prevent stormwater contamination, and control sedimentation and erosion.

SWPPP for Houston is important as it outlines stormwater BMPs, or Best Management Practices as to how your facility will handle and keep stormwater pollution to a minimum. It documents procedures that will be implemented to be in stormwater compliance such as how stormwater is discharged from your construction site and if it is clean and free of pollutants as required by NPDES.

Who needs an SWPPP?

In most cases, the general contractor in charge of the construction site is responsible for the creation and implementing the SWPPP on construction sites.

Depending on federal, state, and local guidelines, SWPPP drawings may be required prior to breaking ground. This is a major reason why construction site operators need to know whether they need a SWPPP or not.

Stormwater management contractors and Stormwater management companies partner with general contractors, developers, architects, engineers and other professionals make sure that projects meet stormwater compliance requirements as well as Stormwater Quality permits (SWQ).

From SWPPP in Houston to Stormwater Quality (SWQ) Harris County

Stormwater Quality (SWQ) permits and SWPPP Houston, Harris County address the volume and quantity of stormwater discharge and what enters municipal storm sewer systems.

RSB Environmental a stormwater management contractor, stormwater management company, stormwater service, provides stormwater solutions for stormwater compliance regulations pre-construction and post-construction. Failure to understand what is required could be a very costly mistake with penalties and violation fines. Stormwater compliance can be complex and is not something that should be attempted by an inexperienced individual or business.

Enter Stormwater management contractors/companies

RSB Environmental’s stormwater management company team has SWPPP certification and has received extensive stormwater certification training. This includes environmental permitting training. Professional stormwater management companies are beneficial in navigating the regulations in your municipality and will keep your business stormwater compliant throughout the construction process.  RSB Environmental will also maintaining your facility’s stormwater quality permit.

And, there’s more…SWPPP in Houston to SWQ – Plans to Permits

Governing bodies both federal, state and local regulate general commercial construction and property development is regulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The EPA’s NPDES permit, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System program regulates point pollutant sources, such as stormwater runoff from your property. The NPDES in Texas is implemented by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality). It is also referred to as TPDES, Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. Wastewater treatment and its discharge into public waters is governed by the TPDES.

Stay Stormwater Compliant – SWPPP to SWQ – with Professional Help

With the EPA, its NPDES, and the Storm Water Quality Joint Task Force in the Houston metro area–The City of Houston, Harris County, and Harris County Flood Control, it’s easy to get lost in regulations and rule books. The Storm Water Quality Joint Task Force alone has a complete Stormwater Management Handbook for Construction Activities and a Storm Water Quality Management Guidance Manual!

So, do you need an SWPPP? Do you have a construction site with materials that could be carried away by stormwater such as in a hurricane? What about dust from an industrial process? Are there stockpiles of materials that are exposed to rain? Anything that could possibly pollute or contaminate water runoff from your site?

RSB Environmental’s professional stormwater management contractors can review your project with you and offer services to keep you in stormwater compliance. We also serve clients in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, all of Texas and nationwide.

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